Frequently Asked Questions

The KFL picks MVPs for each game. How?

In the KFL, we use a peer-voting system to record a most valuable player for every team, for every game. We require each team to pick an MVP for the opposing team at the conclusion of the game.

At the end of every game, the umpires will hand the white lineup cards to the opposing teams (team A will get team B's and team B will get team A's). Each team will then pick and circle the name of the player they have chosen for the MVP.

The teams will then get their own card back and deposit it into the drop box located at the bulletin board between Budd 1 and the indoor soccer complex. Teams are responsible for their own card getting into the box.

Does the KFL have a minimum games requirement to be playoff eligible?

Yes. The lineup cards that we use at every game are collected and each name is recorded. If a lineup card is not printed clearly using both first and last name, no credit can be given and that player will not receive a 'game played' for that game.

The requirement for playoff eligibility is one-third (rounded up) of the regular season games. For 2016, the regular season is 22 games, so the number of regular season appearances needed to be playoff eligible is 8.

Can a team play a game with 8 players?

Yes. A team can start a game with only 8 players. They must take an automatic out every time the would-be 9th batter comes up in the order.

Also, a team that starts with 9 (or more) players can continue to play if they are reduced to 8 due to injuries or ejections. In that scenario, the team that drops to 8 players will take an automatic out whenever the batting order slot occupied by the ejected/injured player comes up again.

A team cannot start or continue a game with only 7 players.

Does the KFL use the 2-out catcher rule?

Yes, we do. When the player who will be catching defensively the next inning is on base as a runner and there are 2 outs in the inning, the last available runner from his team will replace him as the runner.

This is done to allow our game to speed up between innings, as the catcher can then get his gear on to be ready as the inning ends.

This is not an optional rule that teams can decide if they want to implement or not. It is mandatory.

How do I know if my bat is legal for use in the KFL?

The KFL uses the ISF bat list. For a bat to be legal for use in the KFL, it must have at least one of the following certification stamps:


Any bat that does not have one of these stamps will be deemed illegal.

A team has up until a pitch is thrown to the next batter to ask the umpire to check for an illegal bat. If the bat is found to be illegal, the offending player is ejected from the game immediately and ejection fines are applied (see Section E of the Constitution). The bat is removed from the game, any play that resulted is nullified, an out is called on the batter, and a fine will be assessed ($25 for the first offence, $50 for the second, and $75 and a review of the player or team by the Executive for any offence thereafter).

How do I know if Budd Park is closed because of rain?

You can go to the City of Kitchener website sportsfield page. This page is updated with all closures, including rainouts. Scroll down until you get to Ball Diamonds and then look for Budd Park.

In the event that a 7:00 game is called due to rain, the 9:00 game is automatically postponed. Team representatives are asked to contact the teams that play after them to inform them of the postponement.

What is the ejection rule in the KFL?

After an ejection occurs, the player is suspended for the remainder of that game, plus the next game in the team's schedule. A fine of $25 is to be paid to any member of the Executive. Steeper penalties will be levied for subsequent infractions, as outlined in Section E of the Constitution.

All fines must be paid before a player can resume playing. If a team allows a player to enter a ball game before their fine is paid, the team will automatically forfeit that game.

Who does the KFL use for umpires?

The KFL uses the Kitchener Waterloo Umpire Association to umpire our games. We use two umpires per game (one behind the plate and one in the field). If you are interested in finding out more information about the KWUA or how to become an umpire, email the president of the KWUA.

Where does the KFL play its games?

The KFL plays its games at Budd Park in Kitchener (diamonds #1 and #2) from Monday to Thursday. Teams play both their home and away games there.

Directions to Budd Park can be found here.

What is the cost to play in the KFL?

Typically, the KFL has between 12 and 16 teams in the league. Once the budget is done, including field and umpire costs, a team fee is usually between $2400 and $3200. Each team is required to pay the league fee prior to the beginning of the season. Most teams choose to raise the money by charging each player (typically in the $150 to $200 range) or obtaining a sponsor.

What is the pitching rule in the KFL?

The KFL follows the International Softball Congress (ISC) pitching rule. For full details regarding the rule, visit the ISC website.